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Diabetes Mellitus
    Diabetes Physician      
Diabetes is a condition in which there is a defect in utilization of glucose by the body cells. Normally, a hormone called Insulin secreted from Pancreas is required for the entry of glucose into the cells. This glucose once inside the cells is utilized as body energy source.  Insulin is required for this process, which in diabetes is less in quantity or if present then unable to work properly.
Diabetes Mellitus should be checked if a person is having following symptoms and signs: (common)
  • Excess Urine.         
  • Excessive Thirst.
  • Excessive Hunger.
  • Blurring of vision.
  • Abnormal Weight loss and gain.
  • Infertility.
  • Delayed wound healing.
  • Generalized weakness and lethargy.
  • Giddiness and Dizziness.
Diagnosis of Diabetes:
  • Fasting blood Sugar: 126mg/dl or more.
  • 2 hours post prandial during OGTT Blood Sugar: 200 mg/dl or more.
  • HBA1c: 6.5 % or more.
These tests needs to be repeated in the absence of classical symptoms of Diabetes. ( Always consult your diabetes physician for confirming the diagnosis)
Do not Confuse with the target levels of blood sugar to consider them controlled are different than above mentioned values. (consult your Diabetes Physician for your indiviualized target levels of blood sugar)
Types of Diabetes Mellitus:
  1. Type 1: Diabetes (due to b-cell destruction, usually leading t0 absolute  Insulin deficiency)
  2. Type 2: Diabetes (due to Inability of insulin to work properly and is called Insulin Resistance).                       
  3. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) (diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy)
  4. Type 4: Due to other reasons.
How to Diagnose Diabetes Mellitus:
Diabetes Mellitus can be diagnosed through blood and urine laboratory examination by a Diabetes Physician. Various Laboratory examinations can be done in fasting state, after food and after having specific liquid to confirm the diagnosis of Diabetes.
Complications of Diabetes Mellitus:
Presence of Diabetes Mellitus can lead to complications such as Heart Attacks, Stroke, Diabetic foot, kidney diseases and failure, neuropathy, sexual problems, vision disturbances and even early death.
Management of Diabetes Mellitus:
  • Life style changes including diet, exercise.
  • Medications including oral tablets or insulin (injectables)
Diabetes Physician
Specialist Doctor to treat Diabetes
Diabetes Physicians are one who have done their educational qualifications in the subject of Diabetes and have got expertise in treating Diabetes Mellitus and its complication without harming effects of medicines. Specialist Doctor can tell you about details of your diabetes, as management of diabetes are individualized and should be patient centred.
Diabetes treatment includes: diet management, exercise and medications. Diabetes Education is the key to success in successful diabetes management.
Diet, exercise and medicines are tailored by diabetes physician for every individual on personal basis. This is called “Patient Centered Approach” for Diabetes. This is because all medicine, every type of exercise and diet may not be suitable for a given individual.
Dr. Suhail  M  Marfani
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Each of the following should be fully addressed:

  1. Pre-Diabetes
    Pre-Clinical condition where person have not developed diabetes yet but is at higher risk of developing soon. Recognizing this stage, helps preventing the development of diabetes itself as well as various cardio-vascular diseases. This condition can be managed by life style changes including diet and exercise. Sometimes one may need medication as well. This is the only preventable stage in the natural history of diabetes, so one should take it carefully and manage this condition aggressively.
  2. Obesity
    Overweight and obesity predispose to diabetes and various diseases. Obesity is the relationship of your bodyweight to height. This measures Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI of 18.5-24.9 is considered normal in most of population. (Asians normal BMI should be less than these international standards because of their higher rates of diabetes and its complications.
  3. Hypertension
    Hypertension along with diabetes becomes more serious clinical condition and should be addressed very seriously. Normal and controlled blood pressure readings should be less in people with diabetes than those whose are not diabetics. Healthy lifestyle changes and medications along with meticulous control of diabetes is the cornerstone for getting better outcome. Uncontrolled blood pressure can have devastating effects on heart, brain, eyes, kidneys and various body organs. Blood Pressure should be kept under 130/80 mm Hg in people with diabetes.
  4. Cholesterol
    High Cholesterol (Hyperlipidemia) is of a more concern in diabetes as it leads to higher rates of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Life style changes and medication should be a part of cholesterol management and to avoid its serious consequences which are more common in people with diabetes. Normal and controlled values for cholesterol are different for people with diabetes compare to those without. Total cholesterol should be less than 170 mg/dl, LDL should be less than 100mg ( 70 mg/dl in some person with diabetes is required)
  5. Pregnancy
    Pregnancy is a special situation where diabetes should be dealt with more carefully and comprehensively to attain good progress and result of this period. Usually diet and Insulin are the major tools to keep diabetes under control during pregnancy. In some people some oral medications may require to combat insulin resistance. Diabetes Physician will decide if this is required. Otherwise most of the medicines we use usually to control diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol are not recommended during pregnancy to avoid bad effect on fetus and newborn. These all medications should be substituted to safer one once couple decides to go for conception or female with diabetes gets pregnant. Female should meet diabetes physician as soon as she comes to know about her pregnancy so as to adjust medication at first instance.
Patient Centered Approach to Manage Diabetes Mellitus
Diet in Diabetes
This list of different food categories is geenralized in nature in term of Diabetes.
Every Diabetes person should have individualized plan of diet as per his / her diabetes status and other medical condition.
1 .  Diabetes and Fruits
Good Fruits For Diabetics
Apple         Passionfruit    Pomegranates    Pear       Apricot     
Kiwifruit   Blueberries       Strawberries               Avacados         Raspberries     
Following Fruits should be avoided
Bananas     Cantaloupes  Pineapple     Oranges  Grapes
                                            Watermelon     Dates.                      
2.  Diabetes and Vegetables
Following vegetables can be consumed by diabetics:
Yams    Carrots  Lettuce  Chard  Broccoli  Cabbage             
Bok choy  Kale     Brusselsprouts  Tomatoes.          
Redpeppers  Asparagus  Red cabbage  Blackbeans.      
Spinach   Okra  Broccoli  Lentils  Artichokes.    
Peas  Swiss chard  Beans  Cauliflower  Sweet-Potatoes
Following Vegetables to be avoided:  
However, if you like these vegetables, try and limit your intake to one serving
(approx. 200g) a day:
Potatoes      Parsnip     Rutabaga      Beets.      
3.  Breads and Grains:
Following Can be taken:
Whole-grain flours, such as whole wheat flour.
Whole grains, such as brown rice.
Cereals containing whole-grain ingredients and little added sugar.
Whole-grain bread       Baked potato or baked steak fries.
Whole-grain flour or corn tortillas.
Following Should Be avoided:
                             White Bread              White Rice         French Fries         Fried White-flour Tortillas.                             
4. Dairy Products
Dairy Products that can be taken:
1% or skim milk   Low-fat yogurt  Low-fat cottage cheese
Non-fat sour cream  Frozen low-fat, low-carb yogurt.
Non-fat half and half.
 Dairy Products to be Avoided:
                       Whole milk     Regular yogurt     Regular cottage cheese                                      
Regular sour cream   Regular ice cream     Regular half and half
Above mentioned food list is generalized.
Every person with diabetes should consult their diet expert to get a diet plan to follow.
Committed to the Best Diabetes Managment.
Diabetes Specialist Doctor in Sharjah, UAE.
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